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The Game Design Dojo Podcast

Finally, a fun and informative podcast for indie developers by indie developers!

The Game Design Dojo is a podcast all about the design, production, and publishing of video games from an indie game developer perspective.  Veteran game developer hosts Brian McRae and Ike Herman deeply explore a range of important topics specifically suited to game developers.

Game Design Dojo topics include:

  • How to design a game from scratch
  • The best approach to create your game using your strengths and weaknesses
  • Art creation and programming techniques
  • Gameplay elements such as the core loop, reward systems, user feedback, etc.
  • Discussions about various themes and genres: RPG, FPS, puzzle, action, adventure, etc.
  • A look at the market, all major platforms, and emerging opportunities
  • How to market your game, PR, Press, Tradeshows
  • How to create a sustainable business making games for a living