‘Roboto’ Update Releases On Google Play

Rewriting The Hit Platformer

Roboto got a big update on google play changing a lot of things for the better we believe. Roboto will always have a special place here at Fenix Fire and we wanted to make some changes that we had in mind that we thought would make it more fun than before.

The biggest change to talk about is that we’ve gone free to play with the game. We’ve wanted to make this change for awhile now so more people could play the game. With this change comes a new in game shop where you can get new equipment and weapons in exchange for the coins you would gather up while playing already. Everyone will have their progress reset to zero and have no coins or gold ratings on levels to start the game with after updating. Under the equipment players will find new skins to put on and new boards to pick up.

The New Shop – Upgrades Galore!

The board and skins all come in a matching pair, and both pieces of the set will cost the same. They also have their own stats tied to them and give you a bonus for equipping different ones. Boards effect your hover and stomping abilities now giving you a bonus you could use to make roboto stay in the air longer and hurt more when he comes down on top of an enemy. The skins let roboto to retain more energy so that he can take a bigger hit from the different enemies. You can beat the game without these upgrades but they look pretty cool and can be very helpful. Choosing between getting more health and doing more damage will change a lot of how players approach the game. This new dynamic should help to make the game a bit more fun and let players tailor their playthrough to be more of their own style.

Also offered in the shop area you can find a few other new upgrades. Players can pick up the magnet upgrade which can already be found in the level. The version found in the level is temporary and will be gone after a short time in game but if players purchase it they will have it permanently. There’s also the coin multiplier is another purchase for a permanent boost giving you two coins for everyone you gather, this doesn’t include bonuses players receive for mission successes.

Play How You Want

We understand that some players don’t want to spend too much time gathering up coins to get the new skins and boards so we have included a coins option in the shop. This will cost between about one dollar to about twenty dollars. The coins are achievable without purchasing them however and this is really only necessary when a player wants to cut out time from going through the levels to gather them all up. We’ve also added the option for players who’d prefer to simple watch a video to gain coins they can go the to the shop and watch an ad and gather coins this way.

There are more changes outside of the shop as well including that ammo is no longer linked to your health like it had been in the past but is now its own thing. Since the link made shooting so much more risky in the past taking away the few hits you could spare just to hurt the enemies, some players didn’t like to use their weapon. This wasn’t the intention so the new ammo usage just felt better. Hopefully everyone else will enjoy it as much as we have and take advantage of their weapons a lot more. Once a player has purchased a weapon they can find an option in the upgrade panel in the shop for it to increase the ammo limit.

Completely Redesigned Game Over Sequence

When players die they will be given the choice to restart and on doing so get a mystery box where they get a small reward for their persistence. This could be anything the a lot of different things including ammo or coins. Lucky players might even get a magnet for the level or they might even get a temporary invulnerability.

To progress through the worlds the player doesn’t need to defeat every boss. Area’s unlock based off of the number of gold ratings players earn in each of the levels so barely making it through each level won’t unlock the next zone. That being said if players can’t beat the second boss but need another gold before unlocking area three they could just skip it by going back to a level they didn’t score as well on and get the last gold needed elsewhere.

So with all of these changes we’re hoping that this new update will give everyone an even better experience with Roboto than before.

About Brian

Brian is the Founder and CEO of Fenix Fire, Co host of The Game Design Dojo, and industry veteran of over 15 years with over 70 projects under his belt such as Mortal Kombat Deception, Psi Ops, Hunter The Reckoning, Starcraft Ghost, and the Oculus Tuscany World Demo.