‘Roboto’ Launches On Amazon Fire TV

Roboto just made his big debut on Amazon Fire TV. The games gotten some new bells and whistles since the mobile versions last update back in 2011. We’re also looking at letting everyone take a look at the first couple of levels before deciding whether or not they want to buy the rest of the game.

Roboto has had its controls adjusted to the Amazon Fire TV controller which fits the game perfectly. One of the new things brought in since mobile is the shop new look and equipment where you can find even more stuff to help Roboto get ready to take on all of the levels. The shop used to just be one section with everything available and right in front of you. Now it is broken down into a few categories supplies, weapons, upgrades, gizmos, and coins. Supplies lets Roboto buy energy and ammo for his guns and will be a lot of players most visited area since you might run out of ammo between level attempts.

Roboto’s bounce gun gets his friends friends in the weapons area of the shop. This section lets players trade the coins they gather in the levels to buy new and powerful weapons including a shotgun. When the player buys a new gun or maybe they just want to upgrade the one they have, they can visit the Upgrades area in the store. Here they can buy upgrades to the weapons ammo limit along with a few other possible purchases. Roboto has a few different upgrades including a magnet you can find in the level to temporarily make coins fly to him. In the shop players can buy a permanent magnet so that they won’t ever have to miss out on coins. Players can also buy a permanent double coin buff giving them two coins for every one that they find, this doesn’t include the ones that are awarded to you at the end of completing a level.

Under gizmos in the shop players will find new skins and hover boards to equip to Roboto. These are also purchased using the in game coins you find in the levels. The skins all have a matching hover board and while not all the skins costs the same amount, every skin does cost the same as its matching board. These aren’t just cosmetic changes though. The skins give bonuses the Roboto’s health letting him take more hits than his original self can take. The boards have hover time bonuses and stomp power bonuses. With these different upgrade gizmos to choose from players can decide whether health, damage, or mobility is most important to them. This set up will allow players to start customizing and choose how they approach these levels a little more. On Amazon Fire TV players will have an exclusive Amazon themed skin to purchase.

Not everyone will want to spend all of the time it takes to gather up the coins that they need to afford the upgrade that they want. That’s why the shop has a coins area where different amounts of coins can be bought for prices ranging from $.99 to $19.99 to cut this gathering process done a lot. There is no premium currency involved in the game and buying these coin packs won’t be necessary unless players want to.

In the past Roboto had to use his health to fire his weapon but has since then been changed to be its own count. This should help encourage players to use their weapons a little more freely than before. The risk of firing too much and leaving yourself with one hit to die is no longer there but using the weapon doesn’t feel like it hurts you so much anymore. Ammo upgrades become available for purchase after you own that weapon so you don’t waste any coins on weapons you can’t use.

To progress through the game the player doesn’t need to defeat every level anymore. Area’s unlock based off of the number of gold ratings players earn in each of the levels instead. Barely making it through each level won’t unlock the next area anymore since they won’t earn enough gold ratings this way. Each level inside the area after level one still unlocks by players beating the level before it. So the player could make it to the second boss without having ever even fought the first boss. They might also beat the second boss but not make it into area three because they just don’t have enough gold ratings. If the player gets stuck like that they can go back all the to area one or two and collect any gold ratings they missed before to unlock the third area.

With these changes to controls and features this should be a really fun and maybe even better experience than Roboto on mobile.

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