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The Game Design Dojo is a podcast all about the design, production, and publishing of video games from an indie game developer perspective. To create the podcast, Brian from Fenix Fire joined forces with Ike from One Room School House with the goal of creating an honest, from-the-trenches look at making games in today’s fast paced market. Having never produced a podcast before, the two have bravely embarked on a journey and are having a blast doing it. Best of all, the podcast contains tons of useful information about running an indie game studio.

Check Out These Episodes!

GDD 018 : Deep Thoughts About Death In Games

Brian and Ike talk about death in video games where the character dies or vehicle explodes at the end of the game loop. They discuss what death brings to a video game and why it may be important to include it your game. So, get ready for some great insight!

GDD 007 : Camera and Cinematography For Games

In this episode Brian and Ike discuss camera and cinematography with a focus on the various angles, styles, and uses in game design. How to choose a camera, iterate on it, and reference film cinematography are all covered in this jam packed episode.

GDD 012 : Two Ways You Can Get Funding For Your Game

Detailed strategies on how you can get publisher funding for your game or go the crowdfunding route. Complete with real world war stories from the trenches.