A Flying Metroidvania Adventure wrapped in a Stunning Audiovisual Style


Embark on a surreal adventure that defies imagination, crafted by a mix of console veterans and junior developers. In ‘Source’ you are a firefly with the power to harness energy in a dying world. What is causing this widespread disintegration? What can possibly be done against such a destructive force?

Immersed in a beautifully detailed world rendered in Unreal 4, you will explore vast worlds, solve mind bending puzzles, and battle fierce creatures while constantly seeking life sustaining energy. Experience the stunning adventure of a lifetime.


  • Fly in a full 360 degrees
  • Explore huge interconnected worlds
  • Uncover secret and permanent upgrades
  • Backtrack and unlock new areas
  • Lift and throw anything, even creatures!
  • Incredible FX with millions of particles
  • Unreal 4 rendering technology
  • Amazing original soundtrack



  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • Steam (PC)


  • Fenix Fire

Scheduled Release

  • TBD

Latest Screenshots

"Metroidvania With Wings"

− PC Gamer

"I Was Mesmerized"

− Gamespot

"Incredibly Impressive"

− PS4 Daily

The Adventure Begins in 2015