Smash Derby

Survive the show and smash your way to victory. Lights, Camera, SMASH!


Smash Derby has you playing in an exciting game show with hard hits and and high speeds where you will try to smash the competition. You can play either by yourself causing carnage with big bursts of speed or against others in a fierce competition with players smashing everything in sight to try getting the highest smash count. If you avoid finishing off an enemy you’ve been smashing they might just go berserk, flashing and then exploding on the next thing that it smashes. Hold on to the booster and build up a big charge forward causing huge amounts of damage and sending enemies flying.


  • Competitive and Co Op local Multiplayer
  • Single player arcade, survive, and smash modes
  • Explosive and diverse enemies
  • Amazing lighting and particle FX

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  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • PS Vita


  • Fenix Fire

Scheduled Release

  • 2015

Coming in 2015