Smash Derby

A futuristic vehicular arena-based game show in which the player crashes into competing hovercars at ridiculous speeds.


In Smash Derby players can enter the arena solo, against AI hovercars, against other players in a fierce competition, or in a team based battle arena, demolishing everything in sight. During the mass carnage damaged hovercars lose control, drive erratically and blow up upon impact. Charge your booster to build a massive burst attack causing huge amounts of damage, sending competition flying to their doom. And if that’s not enough destruction, plant mines, turrets, and lasers, blasting any stragglers completely out of the arena!


  • Competitive and Co-op local multiplayer, Deathmatch and Team Based modes

  • Single player Arcade, Survival, and Strategy modes

  • Explosive and diverse Hovercars

  • Deploy a complete arsenal of Defense Units

  • A wide range of arena hazards and traps

  • Old-school arcade action

  • Amazing lighting and particle FX

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  • PS4
  • Xbox One
  • PS Vita


  • Fenix Fire

Scheduled Release

  • 2015

Coming in 2015