A Side Scrolling Platform Shooter with RPG Elements

Roboto is an over the top blend of old school platforming action with new school additude! Armed with your favorite ultra-high-tech-hoverboard, you battle your way through hordes of secrurity bots in an attempt to ask out the girl that Roboto has a huge crush on!Make your way across tons of levels that burst with mechanical life of all shapes and sizes. Fight end bosses, upgrade your character, and shoot your way to love!Roboto is a great new twist on the classic action platformer.

 User Reviews

“Mario meets Mega Man!!!! Great game with amazing graphics. Fans of old school side scrollers should get this game. G2X.” – by Angelito

“This game really showcases the potential for iPad as serious gamer. The graphics are beautiful and game play fun.” – by Joshyomy

“Best platformer on my iPad 2!” – by Meetca253

“Wow! Great looking, fun to play.Can’t stop playing it. Galaxy s2.” – by robert

“Great platformer… Great graphics. Great gameplay. GREAT SCOTT!” – by TeeKay



  • iOS
  • Android
  • Amazon – in progress!
  • Windows Store – in progress!

  • Fenix Fire

  • Fenix Fire

"Roboto is out-of-this-world awesome"

− Android Central

"Welcome to the new version of Mario!"

− Android Community

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