Fenix Fire Delivers for John Deere and Chevron

We constantly asked “what are you guys working on?” Well, we’ve been working like crazy to finish a couple of games for John Deere and Chevron. Both of these games are motion simulators that are shown only at trade shows. Engineering firm Positron hired Fenix Fire to make the game portion, which also meant that we created all the AI and commands for the robotics that make the motion simulators function. Positron then took these instructions and used their wizardry to make these simulators move using high powered hydraulics and cutting edge custom made circuitry..

Check out more at Positron’s website.

About Brian

Brian is the Founder and CEO of Fenix Fire, Co host of The Game Design Dojo, and industry veteran of over 15 years with over 70 projects under his belt such as Mortal Kombat Deception, Psi Ops, Hunter The Reckoning, Starcraft Ghost, and the Oculus Tuscany World Demo.