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The Architect Update Is Now Available

Announcements, News | Aug 30 2017 | By

Building Our Future One Custom Wall At A Time

The tortoise and the hare. It’s a classic fable where (spoiler alert) the tortoise wins because of his perseverance and the hare loses because he is foolish enough to think that his speed will win the race. We want to be the tortoise. Why? Because in the end, he wins.

Our updates might not seem fast and furious, but they are carefully crafted, painstakingly tested and strategically released. The Architect Update is robust and in fact our biggest update yet, which includes:

    • New base defenses and utilities
    • Stackable habitat structures
    • Improved starting equipment
    • Newly added weapon: Bolt Rifle
    • Batch crafting and auto mining
    • Rebalanced skill trees
    • New gameplay sliders
    • Creative Mode

We hope that everyone enjoys playing it as much as we enjoyed creating it.

Proteus II Unearthed Update is LIVE

Announcements, News | Apr 28 2017 | By

Who’s The Boss?

We just released an update with some huge changes and improvements, including a redesigned Proteus II, dungeons, and boss creatures, oh my!

While we really wanted to include the space station, it was imperative that a focus on early game and improving the player’s initial experience took priority. If you try to please everyone, you will end up pleasing nobody.

We have so many great things ahead of us still and we are excited for the road ahead. In the meantime, go forth and conquer. But watch your back…those boss creatures are wicked.

Dawn of Aziel Update is Live

Announcements, News | Dec 20 2016 | By

The Cold Never Bothered Us Anyway

We created a planet. How many people could make that claim? That planet is Aziel — a frozen world full of equal parts mystery and danger.

Additionally, we updated the game with tons of new equipment and items including craftable melee weapons, a heavy assault rifle, placeable landmines, new outdoor utilities (the chemstation and 3D printer), solar panel arrays, and the long-awaited mech.

Check out the newest creation. She’s…erm it’s…a beaut, if we do say so ourselves.

Osiris: New Dawn Hit #1 On Steam

Announcements, News | Oct 02 2016 | By

Firing On All Cylinders

Osiris hit number 1 on Steam in its first week. For me, that’s still a surreal sentence to write. But let me type it again: Osiris hit number 1 on Steam.

As soon as I heard the news, I texted Manny, who had gone home to take a long overdue and well deserved shower, to let him know. He was in disbelief as well. We took a minute to revel in the moment and then it was back to work.

Because, this is only the beginning, as a  game is only as strong as its most recent update, right?

Osiris: New Dawn Launches on EarlyAccess

Announcements, News | Sep 28 2016 | By

We Have Lift Off!

Today we officially launched Osiris: New Dawn. What a strange combination of relief, pride, worry and joy.

The anticipation and exhaustion have been at a crescendo for the past few months, reaching a fever pitch last night. Manny and I had just spent the whole weekend doing last minute tasks without a wink of sleep.

However, the fear of the unknown has been somewhat offset by the fact that the game has already won awards at PAX West for Best Survival Game and Best Indie MMO from reputable industry media outlets. It looks like we will, in fact, survive this crazy journey and have some fun along the way, because this game is (dare we say) pretty amazing.

Here’s to lifting off and journeying to new horizons.