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Fenix Fire At PAX East

Announcements, Events | Apr 12 2017 | By

We’ll Never Fuggettaboutit

We survived PAX. And more important without even coming down with the PAX pox.

We see PAX and other community driven expos as our chance to show even more people exactly what Fenix Fire is made of. We’re sure you all understand that. But one thing not many understand is that shows like PAX require a lot of preparation. And then  there is also the unknown to consider. Will the game be well received? Will there be surprise technical issues or other unavoidable bumps in the road and if so, how will we traverse them? Much like a suit breech or unexpected visit from the sand worm, this is all part of the journey.  

Following the beaten path will only get you so far in life. Sometimes, you must take a risk and blaze your own trail, sand worms and all.

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Fenix Fire Heads To GDC

Announcements, Events | Mar 25 2017 | By

Blazing A Trail

We recently took Osiris: New Dawn to GDC. The experience was amazing. It was an honor to be showcased at the Unity booth as part of “Made With Unity”. We had a great time meeting and talking with other game developers and look forward to the next event!